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There is not a better place to start a new story if not in the comfort of home. Long has passed since I was born in a town in the North of Italy. I cannot help myself but not to smile at the memories of my childhood and the care of my parents and brother. They taught me how to live in our World. How to love and how to laugh. And they always encourage me to pursue my dreams.
There are so many people in the world who never have the opportunity to study and learn what they love. I’m not one of them. I am happy I could study molecular biology and I’m thrilled to have learned so much about the brain from so many professors around the world. From Padova, in Italy one of the oldest universities in the world, to London, at the border of art and science at Imperial College, next door to the Royal Albert Hall. And now in Amsterdam, where I decided to settle for a little bit longer.

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I am not only a neuroscientist. I am also a musician. Already when I was a child I showed interest in playing the piano. And I am so glad that I can share this passion with the many friends I play with. In particular our current project: Fall in Time

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I am constantly developing and improving myself, which is why I make a point of seeking a better understanding of the scientific realm as well as in my personal life.

I know that I still have so much to learn, from neuroscience to music to industry. But I believe that my commitment to projects, my curiosity, my will to understand every aspect of a given task will help me become a better scientist and a better version of myself.

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